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CAAC Programs, Events, and Online Activities are focused around three pillars: education, engagement and enrichment, with a priority to make the arts accessible to everyone.

Expanding quality of place
Cultivating a
creative network
Fresh new collaborations
Thought-provoking, immersive experiences
Fostering and developing young talent
Engaging the community

Creative Placemaking


Asphalt Art Initiative

The asphalt artwork will be a ground plane mural installed along 16th Street between the intersections of Home Avenue and Union Street, near a residential neighborhood and budding neighborhood commercial node. This project is made possible by the Bloomberg Philanthropies Asphalt Art Initiative grant program with additional support from the City of Columbus and Columbus Regional Health (CRH) Healthy Communities

6th Street Arts Alley

With support from our generous donors and many community partners, we launched 411 Gallery. Strategically located in downtown Columbus, CAAC and 411 Gallery have become active in the cultural development of 6th Street as a creative place and future Arts Alley. With close proximity to other art and cultural organizations, we are working to bring dynamic programs and community activities to this central corridor in the heart of the city – with plenty of space for social distancing.

Learning Patterns Mural

Expanding on LAA Office's research into the design and construction of the Cleo Rogers Memorial Library, Learning Patterns reinterprets historic diagrams used for organizing the library's furniture layouts. A mural installed on the gallery's east facade creates a larger composition that celebrates an important part of Columbus' design heritage. Funding for the mural was generously provided by the Columbus Museum of Art & Design.



Always fresh, new, and innovative, Pop-ups bring awareness to the arts as a transformative experience. 


Studio 207

Studio 207 is an open, multifunctional space at The Workshop, a collaborative workplace in Columbus. Following in the footsteps of 411 Gallery, Studio 207 will launch as a 16-month pop-up project to increase opportunities for community engagement and creativity. While CAAC’s primary operations will continue to be based in downtown Columbus, this second location north of town will provide a flexible workspace for artist-led workshops, public art projects, and artist residencies. Studio 207’s open layout and high ceilings will create a safe and welcoming environment for participants to social distance – and to be inspired and uplifted – during the time of COVID-19.


Life-long Learning


Artist-led Workshops

Workshop participants are guided through the creative process by trained professionals, no prior experience required.

Guest Speakers

Hear from renowned artists, designers, authors, poets, performers and cultural leaders as they share their personal stories, followed by informal Q&A. Invited speakers will inspire and challenge audiences to reimagine how the presence of art and culture can positively impact daily life and build stronger communities.

Creative Residency

Artists and designers are provided access to 411 Gallery + Studio 207, lodging within walking distance to the downtown Arts & Entertainment District and a travel/materials stipend. Residency participants are invited to actively engage the community by conducting workshops that highlight their unique skills in an immersive studio setting.

411 Gallery

A community arts gallery and cultural space for exhibitions, events and collaborations with Columbus’ arts and cultural organizations. 

Community Studio

The Community Studio is a flexible space for local and visiting artists to work, meet and collaborate. Made of custom plywood panels and built-in furniture, the space is meant to evolve as artists work with the community to reimagine the exhibition wall into temporary installations.

Youth Arts

As part of CAAC’s strategic objective to foster and develop young talent, the Youth Arts initiative is intentionally designed for young creatives.

Educational internships 

• Hands-on training with professional artists and designers

• Exhibitions and civic-minded projects in the Columbus area

Events + Activities

Arts Alley Celebration

Live music, food and art activities on Sixth Street.

First Fridays for Families

A family program that introduces young audiences to a wide variety of performing arts in a fun and informal setting at The Commons.

Uncommon Cause // Annual Arts Fundraiser

Each year we celebrate the arts in Columbus while raising money to support CAAC, creative talent and future arts programming for the community.

Creative Placemaking
Life-long Learning
411 Gallery
Youth Arts
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