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City of Columbus
Mayor's Public Art Committee


Repairs to Flamenco 

One of Columbus’ most beloved sculptures is undergoing much-needed repairs. Flamenco by Ruth Aizuss Migdal was brought to Columbus in 2014 as part of CAAC’s Columbus Sculpture Biennial. The artwork was purchased through community donations and became a permanent piece in the City’s collection in 2016.

The sculpture has broken welds, fading paint, and damage from graffiti. These repairs are funded by CAAC's Public Art Longevity Fund, established through "Fund a Need" at Uncommon Cause in 2022. Through partnerships, we make the most of these donations, ensuring the maintenance of our community's public art assets.

Brooke Hawkins, executive director of the Columbus Area Arts Council and chairperson of the Mayor’s Public Art Committee, said the piece has needed repair for some time. “The piece has broken welds, fading paint and has been graffitied a few times over the years.” 


As the intersection of 4th and Washington is currently closed for the installation of Interoculous, one of the installations of the upcoming Exhibit Columbus exhibition, Hawkins said the timing is suitable for the repair work. “We worked with City officials and the Exhibit Columbus team to coordinate the best time to remove the piece. To keep costs low, we used the onsite crane from the Interoculous installation,” she said. 


The repairs are being paid for through the Arts Council’s Public Art Longevity Fund – a fund started in 2022 dedicated to providing maintenance dollars for the preservation and maintenance of our community’s public art assets. 


Arts leaders are in discussion with the City of Columbus to explore potential permanent locations downtown for the piece upon completion of the repair work. Flamenco has been sitting unanchored on the sidewalk since 2014. Hawkins said the sculpture was never properly installed because the intention was for it to only be on view temporarily. “Flamenco deserves to be cared for properly, and that includes installing it correctly and finding a location where it can be viewed without obstruction,” she said.


The Arts Council contracted Indianapolis-based company Brose Partington Studio to repair and paint the piece. In addition to his own studio practice, the Studio specializes in the maintenance and restoration of art objects. Flamenco was transported to the studio in Indianapolis where the work will be completed. Migdal was consulted on the project to match the paint color and surface finish.

Public Art Longevity Fund 

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Public Art Longevity Fund. Your generosity allows us to ensure the enduring presence and impact of public art in our community.

Eos by Dessa Kirk

Image by Don Nissen, Columbus Area Visitors Center

Mayor's Public Art Committee (MPAC) Members

  • Mary Harmon, Community Volunteer, Appointed by Mayor

  • Daniel Martinez, J. Irwin Miller Architecture Program, Appointed by Mayor

  • (Open), Local Artist, Appointed by Mayor

  • Grace Kestler, City Council Representative

  • Richard McCoy, Landmark Columbus Foundation Designee

  • (Open), BCSC Designee

  • Jennifer Riley, J. Irwin Miller Architecture Program, Post-Secondary Institution Designee

  • Shanda Sasse, The Commons, Columbus City Parks Designee

  • Erin Hawkins, Columbus Area Visitor's Center Designee

  • Tricia Gilson, Columbus Indiana Architectural Archives Designee

  • Brooke Hawkins, Non-voting - Director of Columbus Area Arts Council

  • Mary Ferdon, Non-voting - City of Columbus Administration Designee

credit-Tony-Vasquez (195).jpg

The Mayor of Columbus created and established this public art committee to encourage the creation, installation, proper insurance coverage, and maintenance of public art in Columbus, through both public and private initiatives. 

Jackson Street Parking Garage Mural

Image by Tony Vasquez

Public Art Resources

Explore a remarkable collection of public art for a city of 48,000 – you will find works by internationally-known artists, up-and-coming artists, and local artists.

Large Arch by Henry Moore

Image by Hadley Fruits,
Landmark Columbus Foundation

Cleo Rogers Library_2021_010.jpg

Contact MPAC

The Mayor's Public Art Committee is co-chaired by the City of Columbus and the Columbus Area Arts Council. 

Ancestral Way by Robert Pulley 

Image: Columbus Area Visitors Center

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