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Columbus, Indiana

In efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus disease), 411 will not hold gallery hours through April 17.​
More information will be shared as it becomes available.​

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What’s on: 

   Notes from a Lookout Tower

   Jennifer Riley + Tony Ingrisano
   March 5–May 8, 2020

Artist Receptions + Events

  Notes from a Lookout Tower

   May 7
   5:00–7:00 pm

What’s coming up: 



   Aline Chevalier + Bob Pulley
   May 28–July 11, 2020

   Artist Reception: June 4


In Notes from a Lookout Tower, Jennifer Riley and Tony Ingrisano present their conceptually related but individual artworks. 

Riley’s paintings, drawings and objects extend her investigations with forms and found patterns from steel remainders. Ingrisano’s paintings are made of strips of cut paper rearranged into new images that diverge imaginatively from their original sources.

As complicated and intricate as Ingrisano’s paintings are, the work is deeply rooted in the act of drawing. Looking at systems of societal structure and recently at structures in architecture, Ingrisano considers the new work for this exhibition; “a love letter to architecture.”

Riley’s practice includes painterly traditions of lyrical, gestural, hard edged and geometric abstraction and elements of realism that combine to where she finds a sweet spot in abstraction. Steel remainders become new armatures for draping and delineating solid or veiled areas of color that simultaneously evoke figure, landscape, industry and technology.

A balance of order and chaos, expressive, personal brushwork, tactile surfaces and the embrace of mechanical means link these two artists in work that mirrors the energy of the moment and the complex challenges of a rapidly changing world. The investigations both artists pursue in their work reflect a deepening of their subject’s meaning with each iteration integrating their images into an exacting visual order determined by a sense of necessity.

Riley and Ingrisano originally met as thesis advisor and graduate student at the Pratt Institute School of Art in New York City. Both now teach full time in the Midwest: Ingrisano at the Cleveland Institute of Art and Riley at the Indiana University J. I. Miller Architecture Program here in Columbus.

About the Gallery

411 is a community arts gallery and cultural space for exhibitions, events, and collaborations with Columbus’ arts and cultural organizations.


A project of the downtown Arts & Entertainment District, this space is managed by the Columbus Area Arts Council. 411 is made possible by grants from the Efroymson Family Fund, the Columbus Area Visitors Center, the Columbus Museum of Art & Design and by donations from the community.

Community Studio

The 411 Community Studio is a flexible space for local and visiting artists to work, meet and collaborate. Made of custom plywood panels and built-in furniture, the space is meant to evolve as artists work with the community to reimagine the exhibition wall into temporary installations. The Community Studio is part of the Columbus Area Arts Council's inaugural residency project and was made possible through generous support from Heritage Fund: The Community Foundation of Bartholomew County.

Open Studio

411 hosts drop-in artmaking activities for all ages. This program is made possible by a grant from the Indiana Arts Commission.

411 is made possible by the generosity of these organizations: