by Jonathan Nesci


Hope, Calm & Remembrance 

by Rebecca Chamberlain

March 11–May 21, 2022

Public Reception and 6th Street Arts Alley Event:

March 24, 2022

5:00–7:00 pm

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by Jonathan Nesci

“There is a feeling of being attached to a place, not by coincidence or birth, but by choice. I initially ended up in Columbus, as many do, drawn by the architecture and educational opportunities to raise my family. It is, however, the depth and richness of the community that made us stay." – Jonathan Nesci


With Home, Nesci brings selected works that have previously been shown with other galleries back to Columbus. The arrangement by Jonathan at 411 Gallery creates an intimate room setting that can be used as a small community meeting space. The pieces displayed were created between 2014–2022, the years Jonathan has been in Columbus. Fabrication of Jonathan’s work is done with various teams of highly skilled talent, mostly produced in metal. With Home, Nesci uses this opportunity to recognize the collaboration aspect of his practice with the hopes of an introduction to more local fabricators.

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Hope, Calm & Remembrance

by Rebecca Chamberlain

Drawing from early Modernist architecture of the interwar period and its embodiment of humanist ideals, Chamberlain's works are meditations on dwelling and being. Using materials such as lithography ink, rubbing alcohol and vintage architectural tracing cloth, she uses her own photographs taken during site visits and archival materials as the basis for luminous monochromatic paintings of hybrid spaces. Her reconstructions focus on transitional spaces, windows, hallways, promising staircases or empty rooms. These slivers of space function as interstitial moments leading to other places, experimenting with reflection – what you can and cannot see – and have the synchronicity and fragmentation that is only possible in dreams, thereby distorting the spectator's sense of perspective.

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Home by Jonathan Nesci

Hope, Calm & Remembrance by Rebecca Chamberlain

March 11–May 21, 2022



50/50, A Community Art Project

December 17, 2021–February 20, 2022

Utopian Visions by the New Harmony Clay Project

Entanglements by Docey Lewis

Transformation, a community project by Turning Point

October 7–November 28, 2021


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About the Gallery

411 is a community arts gallery and cultural space for exhibitions, events, and collaborations with Columbus’ arts and cultural organizations.


Managed by the Columbus Area Arts Council, 411 is made possible by grants from the Efroymson Family Fund, City of Columbus, Columbus Museum of Art & Design and by donations from the community.

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Community Studio

The 411 Community Studio is a flexible space for youth arts and emerging creatives to work, meet and collaborate. Made of custom plywood panels and built-in furniture, the space is meant to evolve as artists work with the community to reimagine the exhibition wall into temporary installations. The Community Studio is part of the Columbus Area Arts Council's inaugural residency project and was made possible through generous support from Heritage Fund: The Community Foundation of Bartholomew County.

Community Studo LAA Office CAAC12.34.05

Learning Patterns Mural

Expanding on LAA Office's research into the design and construction of the Cleo Rogers Memorial Library, Learning Patterns reinterprets historic diagrams used for organizing the library's furniture layouts. A mural installed on the gallery's east facade creates a larger composition that celebrates an important part of Columbus' design heritage. Funding for the mural was generously provided by the Columbus Museum of Art & Design.

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