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Flourishing Through Art
Inspire creativity, cultivate community, and stimulate personal growth.

Columbus Area Arts Council (CAAC) is embarking on an ambitious area of programming aimed at addressing the critical issue of mental health in our community. Through this programmatic theme, “Flourishing through Art,” we seek to connect artists with organizations and then facilitate and fund art projects that benefit clients and individuals organizations serve. Let's create a healthier, more vibrant community through the power of art!


Flourishing Through Art
Grant Application
Now Open

Artists who have been accepted to the Flourishing Through Art program are invited apply for grant funding.

Artists must complete the Intent to Apply form by July 24, 2024. 

Grant applications are due July 31, 2024.


Participating organizations are encouraged to read more about program expectations.





June 10 – Grant application open

July 24 – Intent to apply deadline

July 31 – Round 1 grant deadline

Aug 9 – Artist notified of grant awards

Sept 30 – Round 2* grant deadline


Oct 1 – Grants complete, reports due

*A second round of grants will be opened only if funding is available. 


Types of Programs/Projects

This program will fund art projects** that meet the following requirements

  1. Led by an Artist (or group of artists) 

  2. A partnership with a not-for-profit Organization that aims to promote mental health, recovery, prevention, and wellness.

  3. Directly benefit to the Clients served by the Organization

  4. Directly engage the Clients in creating art

  5. An appropriate use of funds, as determined by the CAAC grants team

  6. Approximately $500–$2,000 total project budget

  7. The Artist is paid through the project


Examples of projects could include:

  • Painting workshop

  • Group music lessons

  • Creation of artwork for the organization’s service areas

  • Dance workshop series

  • Artist-led tour of public art



What do I do if more than one organization wants to work with me?

Artists are allowed to work with multiple organizations. However, they may only submit one grant application with a maximum request of $2,000. Collaborations among organizations are encouraged, but artists must ensure their project submission is unique and not a replication for multiple organizations.

Can I apply for more than one grant this year?

No. Artists may only submit one grant application for a $2,000 maximum request. If an artist applies for a grant in Round 1 and it is awarded, they are not eligible to apply for Round 2*.

*A second round of grants will be opened only if funding is available. 

We would NOT fund

The Artist organizes and plays a concert that is a fundraiser for the Organization.

We would fund

The Artist teaches the Clients music lessons, culminating in a concert where Clients perform, and the Artist is the headline act. 

We would NOT fund

The Artist creats a documentary about the Organization's work that features Clients' recovery journeys.

We would fund

The Artist instructs how to capture and edit video, allowing the Client to express their recovery journey.

We would NOT fund

The Artist paints a mural in a common space in the Organization's office.

We would fund

The Artist engages Clients in selecting themes and imagery for the mural. Clients assist in painting.

** Types of art projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Visual Art – Painting, Drawing, Photography, Sculpture, Public Art​

  • Design – Graphic Design, Textiles, Furniture, Architecture​

  • Performance – Dance, Theatre, Music​

  • Literary Art – Poetry, Spoken Word​

  • Film – Independent, Documentary




As part of the "Flourishing Through Art" program, the Columbus Area Arts Council (CAAC) seeks to create meaningful connections between artists and organizations focused on mental health, wellness, recovery, and prevention.

Artists can apply for funding to develop projects in partnership with organizations. CAAC will compensate artists for the creation, project management, and execution of approved workshops or programs.

Organizations must collaborate with artists to ensure the project best serves their clients. They will also need to provide a letter of support, which can be an email to the artist. The goal is for CAAC to fully fund these projects, with organizations only contributing in extenuating circumstances.

Please note that these programs are not intended to be therapeutic. Instead, they aim to inspire creativity, develop skills, cultivate community, and stimulate personal growth.


In order to participate, churches and counceling services associated with churches must:

1. Be rated "Clear: Affirming in their LGBTQ Policy" and "Clear: Egalitarian in their Women in Leadership Policy" on Church Clarity.



2. Have explicit policy or policies in place that align with CAAC's Cultural Equity Statement.​

"With a vision “to be the central resource for the arts by inspiring a creative life for all,” CAAC is committed to providing everyone access to the arts. We are actively shaping a creative community that is inclusive, diverse and equitable, welcoming participation regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, or religion."

First Presbyterian Church is a great example. 

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