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Flourishing Through Art
Artist Information


Flourishing Through Art
Mocktail Mixer


Wednesday, April 24, 2024 

5:00–7:00 pm

Helen Haddad Hall

315 Franklin Street

Columbus, IN 47201

At this event, Artists and Organizations will start conversations about working together. After the event, Artists and Organizations continue conversations, ideation, and project development. 

Presenting at the Mocktail Mixer
Artists will have just 3 minutes to introduce themselves. This is your time to shine!


Possible talking points:

  • Your creative work/practice

  • Project/workshop concepts

  • How does the project relate to mental health, recovery, destigmatization, etc.

  • How this will impact Participants (the clients Organizations serve)


Keep in mind: 

  • 3 minutes isn’t much time. Please ensure you're prepared as we may need to cut discussions short.

  • Speak in basic and literal terms when possible. You will be speaking to nonprofit leaders who may have limited experience/understanding of art. 

  • You can show examples of your work or other visual aids but if you have slides, they must be sent in advance of the event. 


Please RSVP by April 17

Unable to Attend?

Attendance is now a mandatory requirement due to the numerous talented artists who were accepted for this program. If you cannot attend, rest assured that you will automatically qualify for future editions of this program.

Note: This event is for artists who applied and have been accepted to this program. 



Types of Programs/Projects

This program will fund art projects** that meet the following requirements

  1. Led by an Artist (or group of artists) 

  2. A partnership with a not-for-profit Organization that promotes mental health, recovery, prevention, and wellness.

  3. Directly benefit to the Clients served by the Organization

  4. Directly engage the Clients in creating art

  5. An appropriate use of funds, as determined by the CAAC grants team

  6. Approximately $500–$2,000 total project budget

  7. The Artist is paid through the project


Examples of projects could include:

  • Painting workshop

  • Group music lessons

  • Creation of artwork for the organization’s service areas

  • Dance workshop series

  • Artist-led tour of public art

We would NOT fund

The Artist organizes and plays a concert that is a fundraiser for the Organization.

We would fund

The Artist teaches the Clients music lessons, culminating in a concert where Clients perform, and the Artist is the headline act. 

We would NOT fund

The Artist creats a documentary about the Organization's work that features Clients' recovery journeys.

We would fund

The Artist instructs how to capture and edit video, allowing the Client to express their recovery journey.

We would NOT fund

The Artist paints a mural in a common space in the Organization's office.

We would fund

The Artist engages Clients in selecting themes and imagery for the mural. Clients assist in painting.

** Types of art projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Visual Art – Painting, Drawing, Photography, Sculpture, Public Art​

  • Design – Graphic Design, Textiles, Furniture, Architecture​

  • Performance – Dance, Theatre, Music​

  • Literary Art – Poetry, Spoken Word​

  • Film – Independent, Documentary

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