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Flourishing Through Art


Inspire creativity and skill development, cultivate community, and stimulate personal growth.

In 2024, the Columbus Area Arts Council (CAAC) is embarking on an ambitious area of programming aimed at addressing the critical issue of mental health in our community. Through this programmatic theme, “Flourishing through Art,” we seek artists and creatives of all types and backgrounds to submit qualifications for an upcoming series of workshops and programs. Selected artists will attend the Flourishing Through Art event, where they will meet other artists who work in this realm and connect with organizations that seek to engage with artists. 

Throughout 2024 and 2025, CAAC will help facilitate meaningful connections between artists and organizations that work in mental health, wellness, recovery, and prevention. Artists will be paid for the creation, project management, and execution of these workshops or programs.

Please note these programs are not meant to serve a therapeutic purpose. Instead, they aim to inspire creativity and skill development, cultivate community, and stimulate personal growth. 



  • 11/8 - Open call

  • 12/22 - Deadline for submissions

  • 12/22–1/31 - Artist selection and interview with CAAC*

  • Late February - Flourishing Through Art event



  • CAAC helps facilitate connections between Artists and Organizations.

  • The Artist and Organization agree on the project and develop details.

  • The Artist submits a project proposal (brief description, timeline, budget) to CAAC.

  • CAAC approves the project proposal or works with Artist to revise the proposal. For extenuating circumstances, CAAC reserves the right to reject a project proposal.


Complete the form at the link below. Submissions will be accepted from November 8 through December 22, 2023. Applicants will submit the following information:

  • Contact information

  • CV or Resume

  • Examples of artistic work

  • Cover letter describing your interest in this program

  • Demographic information – this will not be viewed or used in the selection process.

This program will fund art projects of any kind that are:

  1. Led by an artist or group of artists 

  2. A partnership with a not-for-profit organization that aims to promote mental health, recovery, prevention, and wellness

  3. Deemed an appropriate use of funds by the CAAC grants team

  4. Approximately $500–$2,000 total project budget


Examples of projects could include:

  • Painting workshop

  • Group music lessons

  • Creation of artwork for the organization’s service areas

  • Dance workshop series

  • Artist-led tour of public art

*Artists who are selected will undergo a background check and interviews to assess their qualifications in artistic skill, project management, and ability to work in sensitive spaces. 

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