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A Carousel for Columbus Mural

An Exhibit Columbus, Public By Design installation created in collaboration with the Columbus Area Arts Council and Columbus Museum of Art & Design

CAAC organized a group of volunteers who joined the “Could Be Design” team in painting a mural for the public art installation, A Carousel for Columbus

Thank you to all of the volunteers who braved the rain, sun, and heat to paint this mural into reality. 

Want to visit the mural? Come to the opening of the Exhibit Columbus Public by Design exhibition, opening August 25–26.


About the Mural

Columbus Museum of Art & Design has awarded a grant to Joseph Altshuler and Zack Morrison of Could Be Design to engage artist Andrea Jablonski to execute the mural aspect of A Carousel for Columbus. Andrea, in collaboration with Joseph and Zack, will lead the group of community volunteers.

About A Carousel for Columbus

A Carousel for Columbus by Joseph Altshuler and Zack Morrison is a locomotive love letter in-the-round. Shapely silhouettes sampled from the city’s iconic architecture huddle together to form a curious carousel, a backdrop for public life in the city. Supergraphics, also sampled from the city’s architecture, animate the walls and ground surfaces of the plaza. The graphics sync into and out of optical alignment with the carousel as it spins in place or as visitors circulate around it. 


When programmed as a stage, the rotating platform offers the flexibility for performers to reorient themselves outwards toward a festival crowd along 4th Street or inwards toward a more intimate audience within the plaza. During un-programmed times, the carousel provides an active platform for physical engagement and visual play. Taken together, the carousel, supergraphics, and performances offer a locomotive landscape that celebrates the power of shape, color, character, and sound to generate a public platform by design.

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About Exhibit Columbus

A Carousel for Columbus by Joseph Altshuler and Zack Morrison is a part of the upcoming Exhibit Columbus Exhibition, Public by Design, opening August 25 and 26.


The fourth Exhibit Columbus Exhibition will feature thirteen innovative outdoor installations that explore how collaborations between communities and designers can revitalize and reimagine historic downtowns as equitable, beautiful, and joyful places.

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About Columbus Museum of Art & Design

Columbus Museum of Art & Design (CMAD) is a volunteer-led granting organization that supports and works with organizations to bring unique visual art and design projects to the Columbus community.  

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About Columbus Area Arts Council

The Columbus Area Arts Council (CAAC) is a non-profit organization that enriches the community through arts projects and programs, including exhibitions, events, local artist development initiatives, and grants to artists and organizations. 

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