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2023 EC UDRF Carousel Mural Painting_004.jpg
Placemaking Partnerships

Using a collaborative approach, we work with organizations and businesses to integrate art throughout our community. Through this involvement, we aim to be a resource for the client/site, drive quality in public artwork, and ensure that artists are paid fairly for their work.

A Carousel for Columbus Mural
📍415 4th Street, Downtown Columbus

We gathered a team of volunteers to bring to life the mural for the public art installation, A Carousel for Columbus by Could Be Design. Led by artist Andrea Jablonski, our volunteers poured their passion into this project, working diligently over two days to see it to fruition.


This project was an Exhibit Columbus, Public By Design installation created in collaboration with Columbus Museum of Art & Design.

Could Be Design
Exhibit Columbus
16th Street Asphalt Art Project
📍Home Avenue & 16th Street, Columbus

The asphalt artwork is a ground plane mural installed along 16th Street, near a residential neighborhood and budding commercial node. This project aims to enhance walkability, social connectivity, and economic growth. 


Artists Cory Robinson and Shamira Wilson’s approach to the 16th Street project builds on strengths and similarities between the individual artists, while striving to find new ways of working with shared themes to explore new ideas for the site. Playing with the vocabulary of grids, muted and vibrant color palettes and a series of repeated “leaf” shapes has led the creative team to the initial proposal.​

Cory Robinson
Shamira Wilson
Art at Nexus Park
📍2380 25th Street, Columbus

We're currently working with Nexus Park and First Financial Bank to integrate art into Nexus Park. 

Check back for details as this project develops.

Nexus Park
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